Everything That Matters in Your Business Is Under Your Roof

Issues with your roof disrupt your day-to-day business and detract from the productivity and public perception of your business.

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Repair and Prevent Future Problems with Your Roof

When you have an immediate problem caused by storm damage or leaks, we’re here to resolve the issue for you so you can put away the buckets and regain your peace of mind. We work hard to help you extend the life of your current roof - and when the time comes to replace your old roof, we have the experience and history to get the job done. 

Why Choose M. Smith Roofing

Commercial and Industrial Roofing with M. Smith Roofing

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Request an Inspection

Whether you have an immediate leak or ongoing maintenance concerns, we’ll walk your roof, taking photos and core cuts (if needed) to uncover any potential issues and prepare a plan to address those needs. 

Get Started

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Receive & Review Your Report

Your inspection report includes visuals and next steps to help you maintain your current roof. We’ll review the results of your inspection with you and make no-pressure recommendations for your next steps.

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Extend the Life
of Your Roof

Enroll in our preventative maintenance program to avoid a costly roof replacement through ongoing maintenance of your existing roof. Preventative maintenance can lower the overall cost and extend the life of your roof. 

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